Technology and fun

Technology offers make our jobs easier, true. But the design and structure of them all is very complex. While playing a mobile game is fun, the software behind it is only serious enough to work with!

And the tech industry is always so serious that there’s no room for fun. Not at all. Like all other fields, there is plenty of pranks. So much so, that pranks are getting sophisticated technology.

On April 5, during Fools’ Day, tease pranks everywhere. The technology world is also enthusiastically participating in this celebration. Makes new efforts to make users April Fool.

Google, one of the leading companies in introducing new innovations in information technology, is also at the forefront of such pranks. The April Fool’s efforts in the past few years have been so different that the tech world waits every year to see what Google can do on Fool’s Day each year (as Google dropped its April 6 prank on COVID-19 anxiety).

On April 5, Google announced that we are not only downloading the apps needed for our Android phone, but also that our home dog-cats are starting to have the option to download their own apps. It also published an ad featuring a video of pets playing on mobile and tablets.

This practice by Google is no stranger. It was announced in January that it was launching a new – fictitious – service called ‘Gmail Paper’ that would print whatever we wanted and send it to our Gmail account. The Google Toilet ISP, which uses the city’s sewer system to provide high-speed broadband service, is another prank that made people fool that year.

What would it be like if we could bring home the likes of our favorite books online and bring in like-minded authors? On Amazon’s Fool’s Day, a video ad tweeted that Amazon had launched such a service.

There are also examples where the April Fool lies heard in the technology world actually came to fruition. At the height of the popularity of the Apple iPod, which was supposed to be a song when needed, a rumor was made that “Apple will release an add-on mobile phone paired with an iPod” appeared on Fool’s Day. This was the April Fool’s attempt to make the case, and now history in a different way when the next iPhone was released.

Even the real tech news that has been heard around Fool’s Day has made April Fool doubt. When Google announced its ‘Gmail’ system in April, other email services offered only basic facilities. When Google said it would offer as much as a GB of storage in such a situation, many thought it must have been an April Fool!

Article published in the April 1 issue

The IT world’s prank isn’t limited to the first day of April. In many software, websites have the habit of deliberately adding funny elements. Such features are called ‘Easter eggs’, which may surprise and surprise the user with a smile on their face.

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