Women’s Special: Science education has played a significant role in my life

Celebrating Women’s Day is one of the many reasons to celebrate as a woman. I was born and raised in a village with no basic amenities like a primary health center.

She completed her schooling in government schools in the village and completed her PUC in Distinction in Government Graduate College. With a passion, passion and talent in science, B.Sc. The university graduated with a fifth place. You have just graduated. It was very frustrating when some people suggested that they be trained and educated. As a woman, I was left with no strength and was once a renowned education expert, Dr. Inspired by the interview of Guru Raja Karzagi, MSc won first place in Chemistry with Gold Medal. Later he was interested in doing a doctorate but the financial situation was stagnant. Next, my research was financially strengthened by the Inspire Fellowship Program of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Soon after completing the research, I was appointed as a chemist in the Department of Mines and Geology of the State Government. The contribution of science and technology behind the success of women in the department who have previously been female technical officers, is now equal to the number of technical officers and heads of offices at the district level.

Office of Science, Technology and Technology are also helping us to handle all aspects of office, homework and family management. I have also been interested in the work of science communication, with the purpose of informing others of the science aspects that have played a significant role in my life.

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