English Day Special: English Language Learning Online Opportunity!

Adequate English knowledge is one of the requirements today. If you learn English as a language, you will be able to have many opportunities on a global level. The English language helps us to take advantage of the knowledge that is being created in many parts of the world.

Just as there are formal systems, such as schools, to learn this language, there are also some informal systems. Most such systems are online based. Anyone with a keen interest and aptitude for learning English can learn English through these facilities step by step.

The internet system is in the palm of every person today. We use it as the most basic of mobile, laptop and computers. With these tools, some websites, YouTube channels and apps can be used to make English learning more accessible. While some of them are very systematic, some sites offer language related ideas separately.

Usually those with the earliest knowledge of the English language can thus learn the concepts of rupture separately and individually For example grammar, vocabulary, syntax, phonology, writing elements, speech skills, explanation of comprehension techniques, abundant examples, audio, video and image manipulation presentations of various dimensions. There is also an abundance of reactive online materials that can make learning more effective by responding to a variety of questions there.

Speak Today website helps you learn English through Kannada. It contains dialogue-based videos for minor scenarios that help you learn the basics of English. Using Kannada is also helpful for early learners (link: englishonlinelearning.in/learn-through-indian-languaes/kansas-.html).

Similarly, the ‘Learn English Online – LEO Network’ website facilitates the learning of English. Everything is provided in the form of different chapters (link: learn-english-online.org), ranging from basic concepts to alphabets. The ‘British Council’ website is also a good choice for enhancing English knowledge. But you must subscribe to it (link: learnenglish.britishcouncil.org).

Some people are hesitant to use English as their reading and writing ability. It is because of fear of things going wrong. It is not as easy to write as some have spoken. The Readable.io website helps to check the quality of the text written in English. Attached here is a brief description of the various types of errors in grammar, word usage, meaning, and readability.

The grammarly.com website is also useful for learning grammar. It can be used by registering with a Google or Facebook account. Its ape is also available. It is a great guide to writing without grammatical error, as it detects errors in our writing and provides a simple explanation of it. It is a kind of dynamic learning.

Learn Grammar (learngrammar.net/english-grammar) is one of many websites that facilitate the learning of different grammars.

There are also a number of YouTube channels designed exclusively for English learning. British Council: Learn English Kids, VOA Learning English, JenniferESL, Real English are just a few examples.

There are also several apps available for use by smartphone users on the Google Play Store. These apps, such as Hello Talk, Anki, Grammarly, English Times, Hello English, Duolingo, Awabe, Memrise, enable learning English through many activities. Similar apps such as Say it: English Pronunciation, Sound Pronunciation App, Learn English Sounds Right can also be used to learn English pronunciation.

Another important option with all these online opportunities is to watch English movies and read English newspaper-books. The language used in English language children’s films is simple and easy to understand. Reading newspaper-books also helps to enhance our linguistics. In addition to using these facilities, learning and using English can be easy only when you try to set aside the fears of hesitation, embarrassment and mistake.

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