Why break the chain?

You may have noticed a social media activity where one person says to give a gift to another. It says that if one obeys all of the rules stated there will be one book. Even if someone does not send it, the number of books we receive will decrease. This unrelated example can also be applied to disease transmission.

Suppose a person affected by some disease can transmit it to someone else. It can spread from two to four people, from four to eight people, to sixteen people, to thirty-two. It follows the geometric progression of mathematics. The disease can spread to the entire community very quickly, as the number of patients can double at every stage.

In the book-sending example, the chain may not have continued. But when it comes to spreading disease, cutting off the chain of infection is a very good job. This is what is called a “break the chain.”

There are three main ways in which critical treatment, vaccination, and prevention can be prevented. Using any of these methods will prevent the spread of the disease at any point, but it can prevent the major damage. The breakdown of this chain at an early stage can significantly reduce the speed of disease transmission.

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