Artificiality and creativity

Whatever the computer is, man is a slave; Intelligent slave. In the case of man-written programs, the task of completing the task faster than man, except in the case of memory, does not equate with man in the rest of the computer. Can the computer draw a picture as a human? Can you write an article? Can a song be built? Ohhh, to do such things requires a combination of intelligence and creativity. That’s not near these machines.

Such a belief has been firmly rooted in the populace, until recently, in the vidyavat. However, that belief is false. I. Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence. Simply put, a technology is a technology that can interpret its surroundings like humans or analyze data provided, decipher and analyze things. I. Are called. Given the growing pace of their expertise in imitating humans, it is not a lie to think that they will one day be more human than human.

However, this breakthrough is not as sudden as the Hollywood films show. In this progression a. I. To see the planting milestones, we have to go back to 1996-1997. Then Gary Kasparov is a lightning jolt in chess. He was the world champion, only a few years ago, when he defeated one of the most powerful grandmasters, Bent Larson. The company’s ‘Deep Thought’ program was flawed.

Deep Blue is the latest weapon made by IBM’s team of computer scientists who took this defeat seriously. Between it and Kasparov, Deep Blue, the winner of a ten-day tournament, became the first computer to beat a world champion. But, today’s A. I. As with Dr. Strange in InFinity War, deciding on Deep Blue is the best way to decide which of them is best, without learning the lesson of analyzing the data we have provided ourselves, and imagining the millions of possibilities. I. Technicians consider this to be the most basic model.

According to today’s technical definitions, the Deep Blue Blue is legitimized, and is completely a. I. The AlphaZero product, which is considered to be the same, came out in 2017 from Google’s subsidiary DeepMind. There is currently no more powerful chess player / chess software in the world. AlphaGo of the same firm. I., the two-and-a-half thousand-year-old, China-based, has defeated humans in the most difficult ‘go’ game of keeping only dots. (2017) Likewise, everyone thought that machine-tricks were not possible to win against humans in this game!

However, the results of games that are based solely on calculations are a. I. Many would argue that it is not an expression of creativity. Ouhum, a. I. Scope is not limited to mathematical games. For example, you may have seen the American popular ‘Jeopardy!’ Game game show on TV or YouTube, posing the answers and creating the appropriate question. As of 2011, this game is also IBM. IBM’s Watson computer beat the humans.

What, then, is A? I. Can you understand our words? Can we imitate our style of speech? Yes. A few years ago, University of Toronto’s computer science researchers, led by lecturer-scientist Steve Engels of the same faculty, collected a pile of speeches by then-President Barack Obama, and then adapted his style to a new one. Is imitation not an art?

A. I. It is time to learn film drawing and music clips. Researchers have used a large number of anthropomorphic images and music to train them to master it. Remember, computers can’t ‘see’ a picture like us, or ‘hear’ a song; Computer based a. I. That’s it too. Simply put, any of these song-images are just matrix or mathematical tools. (Mathematical Functions)

But, if you use the right amount of data in the right way, any kind of work that humans can do. I. Can learn. A little boy who learned to write just yesterday, is bad, but to write and discipline all day, a girl who recently started classical music is not the first to sing it. I. While initially painted images or knitted veins may not be beautiful, it is possible to create chronological art that fits the taste of humans.

We should not overlook, however, that these footprints of science have raised many new questions that need to be addressed in the philosophical context. Should creativity be considered creativity only if the producer intends to produce an art with the intent of building and with the consciousness that it is building? If not, what if science indirectly asserts that nature is an extraordinary machine, even the human brain that operates from a network of cells called neurons?

There is. Not all agree on such issues. Recently, ‘World Creativity Day’ was celebrated on April 21; Turing Test & Lovelace Test is a term used to distinguish between man and machine. I. It is no wonder that in this era of the passing of human beings, we need to change the way we perceive art and creativity with the advent of these softwares, which are confined to the fields of aesthetics.

Chess game and AlphaZero

In the game of chess, there are thousands of doctrinal theories on the first tens of thousands of steps. Opening theories – including all the variations – when the play is over, one of the stages that no one has played at all is a new game that starts with a novelty. Towards the endgame, there are thousands of theories, keeping only a few pieces. The creators of AlphaZero taught them the rules of the game, playing both white and black sides, and creating millions of games based on those rules. He analyzed the data he created, learned all sorts of theories, looked at the ‘state’ in front of him, and took the best of them, as human beings, with a few instincts, instinctively. The effect? Alfazero defeated all the chess engines that counted billions of seconds and counted only a few thousand steps! It is noteworthy that the style of choice that the game is taking is similar to the style of play that humans think about, although it is not possible to calculate thousands of actions in humans. Taking advantage of sacrifice, building a closed position without swapping swords, and slowing down the opponent – AlphaZero is reminiscent of the style of humans in both forms of art. But only the level of the game is like that of the gods; So, the time it took AlphaZero to reach this level was just a daylight!

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