Mobile and peace of mind

It is now commonplace to use information technology privileges in most of everyday life. Whether it’s buying groceries, paying for electrical connections, or planning an up-and-coming trip – we are all now overwhelmed by information technology.

This feature of privilege is not limited to ease of doing things, bringing everything to the table. They have made it possible for us to learn about new things, to devote time to work that is convenient to us. From entertainment to peace of mind, we can engage in any search.

We can see that in today’s world, there is a lot of mental stress or a natural curiosity. In addition, many people are interested in yoga to keep their physical health well. Also doing meditation-pranayamas.

How do people make the time for these new interests when there is no time? Information technology features are answering this question.

Yes, it is this information technology that makes spiritual thinking possible while sitting on a bus stuck in a traffic jam. One hand mobile, internet connection is enough, you can watch many videos made by celebrities on YouTube. If you look at the YouTube accounts of 4 lakh subscribers like Sadguru and Shri Sri Ravi Shankar who have 1 lakh subscribers, you will realize how popular the spirituality is in this media.

Noted celebrities – organizations are also active on Facebook, which has been touted as a waste of time. The Art of Living’s Facebook page has more than twenty three million followers! It is not only the publication of previously prepared information but also the use of Facebook and YouTube platforms for the live streaming of new programs. Spiritual accounts-pages are well-known on both platforms, as well as on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Hello.

Just like all people are interested, some innovations (startup) have started in this field. These innovations offer a wide variety of services, ranging from meditation, pranayama, yoga, to a full range of fitness packages.

This field, which has already been used in many ways by the benefits of information technology, is closer to the digital world during the lockdown brought by Kovid-1. Online classes began in the same way as in other areas when direct classes were not carried out by the ban on travel. Features such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Google Hangouts, Zoom, as well as well-known avenues such as WhatsApp Video Call came to the aid.

These routes are open not only to those who are already learning but also to those who want to do something new during a lockdown. We all know that in the case of Kovid-1 there were a large number of different webinars related to different things. At the same time, information technology has helped to launch programs like ‘Online Breath and Meditation Program’, ‘Pranayama Practice’ and ‘Power Yoga’. The fact that an Internet-connected mobile is not necessarily the immediate use of the latest web series has shown that it can guide the search for peace of mind.


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